Hip or Knee Replacement

What to Expect After Hip or Knee Replacement

Sandeep Singh
Created on 22nd Dec, 21

After a hip replacement, you may anticipate your lifestyle to be similar to what it was before the procedure—but without the pain. In many respects, you are correct, but it will take time to return to your normal routine. Being a proactive participant in your recovery can help you get there faster and with a better outcome. Although you will be able to continue most activities, you may need to alter your approach. For example, you may need to learn new bending techniques to protect your new hip. The tips you'll discover here will help you appreciate your new hip while safely resuming your everyday activities. You can visit Dr. Sandeep Singh one of the renowned and best orthopedic doctors in Bhubaneswar. With his years of expertise, he can guide you with the best treatments if you are having discomfort after knee or hip replacement.

Orthopedic problems

Effects of Aging on Fracture Healing

Sandeep Singh
Created on 17th Dec, 21

numerous studies show a higher rate of bone fracture, which is linked to increased morbidity and death. In this age, there is a decrease in healing potential, which can lead to a higher likelihood of delayed healing or nonunions. In the aged, delayed healing and the accompanying incapacitation might have more serious and systemic repercussions, posing particular issues for treating clinicians. While greater age has been linked to a variety of physiological changes, the mechanisms that lead to a reduction in fracture healing capacity are yet unknown.

Primary Elbow Arthroplasty

Primary elbow arthroplasty: problems and solutions

Sandeep Singh
Created on 17th Dec, 21

Arthroplasty is a surgical procedure where the arthritic or damaged joint surface is removed and replaced with a new artificial one. The purpose of this article was to find out how the function of the elbow is affected after arthroplasty and find solutions to help patients who undergo this procedure.

Office Pain

3 Ways to reduce Office Pain

Sandeep Singh
Created on 31st Aug, 21

Are you experiencing body pain as a result of sitting in one place for a long time? Then read and follow the below techniques mentioned by the best orthopedist in Bhubaneswar.

orthopedic surgery during Covid-19

Delaying orthopedic surgery during Covid-19 lockdown: Is it ok?

Sandeep Singh
Created on 1st Aug, 21

Covid 19 has had a negative impact on many aspects of our lives. Let's hope it doesn't have a negative effect on our muscles and joints, too! When you put off orthopaedic surgery because of Covid 19, your problems get worse!

Swelling of Joint

Swelling of Joint: Causes and Treatment in Bhubaneswar

Sandeep Singh
Created on 28th Jul, 21

This article discusses the causes and treatment options available in Bhubaneswar to treat joint swelling. So, read on to view the full details.

Posterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery

Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) Surgery Treatment in Bhubaneswar

Sandeep Singh
Created on 14th Jul, 21

The strongest ligament in the knee is the posterior cruciate ligament. The most significant function of the posterior cruciate ligament is to inhibit posterior translation of the knee at increasing knee flexion degrees.

Genicular Nerve Radiofrequency Ablation

Genicular Nerve Radiofrequency Ablation for Knee Pain

Sandeep Singh
Created on 1st Jul, 21

A genicular nerve block is a new procedure used to treat knee pain that couldn't be treated using other procedures. Read on to view the full details.

Heel Pain in Bhubaneswar

Causes and Treatment of Heel Pain in Bhubaneswar

Sandeep Singh
Created on 27th Jun, 21

There are a range of conditions that can cause heel pain. They can be challenging to spot because heel pain isn't usually triggered by an accident like a fall or a twist. Read on to view the details.

What is Gout

What is Gout? Symptoms and Treatment in Bhubaneswar

Sandeep Singh
Created on 21st Jun, 21

Gout is a condition caused by an increase in uric acid. Gout usually is seen in the joints of feet. It causes swelling and redness in the joints of the feet. Read on to know the full information.

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