Limb lengthening and reconstruction techniques are used to replace missing bone and to lengthen and/or straighten deformed bone segments. Treatment is often needed due to complications after injury and the correction of limb deformity including limb lengthening. If patients are diagnosed with osteomyelitis, they will require complex treatment.
Limb reconstruction is a treatment that we suggest to fix your abnormal limb. We perform this treatment to normalize your limb as much as it is possible. Limb reconstruction is an orthopedic surgery specialization.

The required treatment may include different treatment methods with the limb reconstruction surgery for correcting your deformity to the most.

You will benefit from medical treatments in cases like your rotational deformity, joint reconstruction surgeries, and correction of Nonunions and malunions. Along with the limb reconstruction treatment, we provide the limb lengthening treatment also. It works by utilizing the body’s ability to recover and heal. Our human body can make new bones, tendons, veins, nerves, and delicate tissues that offer the necessary elements and backing to empower its works. The treatment can increase the length of your upper and lower limb. Our best ortho doctor in Bhubaneswar plays out an osteotomy to cut the bone that requires protracting. This is then settled utilizing inward or outer fixators or edges. Deformity in bones and limbs is a severe issue for people who live in Bhubaneswar and surrounding areas. So, availing of a proper limb reconstruction treatment as per your doctor’s advice is essential.

Why do you require limb reconstruction treatment?

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Limb reconstruction treatment is widely beneficial to treat bone deformities in your leg and arm. The reason behind this bone deformity can be of many folds like traumatic injuries, congenital disorders, metabolic disorders, and growth issues.

Now let us check the conditions which can be treated by our limb reconstruction and limb lengthening treatment?

  • If you are suffering from skeletal dysplasia since your birth, it can disturb your bone growth. Hence, you may face problems like crooked limbs and short stature.
  • Many people suffer from limb length discrepancies. These problems can result in a difference in length between your two arms and legs. Here, if you have experienced any fracture in your bone, it may end up as a shorter and more crooked limb.
  • Even a genetic disorder can make your bones a bit disturbed. It can become prone to fractures quickly. The issue can start when you are a child also and can result in mild to severe conditions.
  • Along with these, if you are suffering the trouble of flat foot or fallen arches, we may advise you of the treatment.
  • If your child has a twisted foot, especially an inward-turned ankle, it is a congenital abnormality. Here, also your child needs the treatment.
  • In case you have an abnormal outward curve in any of your legs, you should avail of the treatment as early as possible. Without the proper care, it can lead you to a permanent issue.
  • Again, if you have a tarsal coalition or high arch issues, we also prefer the treatment.

How does the treatment go?

The treatment starts with a proper examination of your situation. Our chief is one of the best orthopedic doctor in Bhubaneswar. He always takes care of the appropriate assessment of your issues. Only then he starts the treatment.

Here, Xray is compulsory, and in some cases, we may suggest few other examinations too. After that, he will decide whether you need surgical treatment or any other method of treatment. We can use the distraction osteogenesis process again.

In this method, we will cut your bone very carefully where there is a problem. Gradually you will achieve the desired length of bones after a certain period.

We can utilize external devices too, we can apply certain external fixators too. An external fixator is a series of metal rings that encircle the exterior parts of your limb. All these rings are connected with struts made with metal.

Doctor Sandeep Singh will provide you a proper recovery plan too-

The recovery tenure differs from person to person. On ordinary young people recovers faster than the old or aged people. But your health condition and immunity system are other reasons while deciding the recovery tenure. 

To return to your typical day-to-day life, you will require the assistance of a good physiotherapist. Physiotherapy treatments will help you ease your situation to become fit as fast as possible.