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Different sports expose players to different types of sports injuries. It is but natural that players injure themselves whenever they play sports or participate in games.


After an injury, they can always approach Dr Sandeep Singh, a Sports injury treatment doctor for the Best sports injury treatment in Bhubaneswar. Dr Sandeep Singh is one of the leading orthopedic doctor in Bhubaneshwar.

He is a young and dynamic doctor who is offering sports injury treatment in Bhubaneshwar. His approach and treatment to sports injuries and their rehabilitation is very focused and unique.

He ensures that his sports patients return to active sports with renewed strength and force in the least turnaround timeframe.

Types of Sports Injuries

There are various types of sports injuries associated with different sports. These injuries depend upon which part of the body is actively used; for instance, runners, hockey, football players, and other contact sportspeople can experience injuries of the foot and knees, while swimmers, basketball players will face issues with their upper limbs, shoulders and so on.

Hence sports injuries treatment is very different from treating orthopedic issues. They can occur to young children and also seasoned players. The scope of treatment depends upon the extent of the injury, the age of the injured person, the nature of sports activity, etc.

Dr. Sandeep Singh, considers all these factors and offers sports injury treatment in Bhubaneswar and ensures that the player resumes play as soon as possible. When can a sports person injure themselves:

  • If he or she is playing after a long time
  • If he or she has not warmed up adequately before playing
  • If he or she is involved in contact sports
Types of Sports Injuries
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Common Sports Injuries – symptoms and complications


Sprains :

It is known to occur most frequently. Sprains occur when the ligaments are torn or overstretched. Ligaments are connecting tissues between two bones in a joint.


Strains :

Strains take place in tendons. Tendons are thick and fibrous cords whose purpose is to connect the muscles and the bones. Sprains and strains are two different types of injures that only a sports injury doctor can diagnose.


Fractures :

A fracture refers to a broken bone condition. A fracture is extremely painful and requires the patient to rest, while treatment could be either surgical or non-surgical depending upon the type of bone fracture and location.


Knee injury :

Knee injury refers to an injury that affects the knee’s movement and causes pain in the knee joint. The most common symptom of knee injury is a swollen knee or a lot of pain and discomfort.


Achilles tendon ruptures :

The Achilles tendon lies behind the ankle and undergoes a lot of stress and pressure. It can break and rupture as well. The sportsperson will find it difficult to move the injured foot and be in a lot of pain.


Dislocations :

As the body is made of up many joints. A high impact trauma can easily cause the bone out of its socket leading to dislocations. The dislocated area will be swollen and painful on movement.


Rotator cuff injury :

This injury occurs in the shoulder joint. Repetitive arm action or overhead arm action can lead to a rotator cuff injury as the muscles are likely to get torn and weak.

Dr. Sandeep Singh, who offers sports injury treatment in Bhubaneshwar, suggests that the RICE method should be the initial treatment line.

Common Sports Injuries
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The RICE method involves –

  • Rest – The player should take a rest.
  • Ice – Ice should be applied to the injured area as soon as possible to reduce swelling and inflammation.
  • Compression – Applying an elastic bandage to the injured area for support reduces the swelling and blood flow.
  • Elevation – If possible, raise the level of the injured area above the heart to reduce swelling

Dr. Sandeep Singh, suggests that the RICE Method is advisable for the initial 1 -2 days of the injury, especially a mild sports injury. However, it is essential to visit a sports orthopedic surgeon to evaluate the extent of the injury and seek suitable treatment.

He also suggests that sports players can take pain relievers to reduce the pain and swelling to a certain extent. Residents and sports players can seek sports injury treatment in Bhubaneshwar as offered by Dr Sandeep Singh.

Only after physical examination and imaging results, Dr Sandeep Singh can suggest suitable treatment viz. non-surgical and surgical treatment to heal the injury.

However, a visit to the sports injury specialist is essential, if there are any of the following signs visible at the site of the sports injury:

  • Popping sound at the time of the injury
  • Deformity at the injured sites
  • Instability in movement
  • Unable to put weight on the injured joint
  • Severe pain and inflammation

Also, the sports player will require emergency treatment if the sports player complains of dizziness, fever, nausea, and vomiting, and breathing difficulty.

For sports injury treatment in Bhubaneshwar or any guidance related to sports injured book an appointment with Dr Sandeep Singh.

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Where is the pain?  

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Which 10 Sports Injuries Are Most Common?

Top 10 Sports Injuries Most Often Occurred are Syndrome of the patellofemoral, The lower body, especially the knees, is where most sports injuries occur, Injury to the shoulder, Elbow for golf or tennis, Strain in the hamstring , sciatica, Splints in the shins.

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