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Are you finding your joints stiff and painful while walking or performing any other joint-related activity? Well, you need to check out the damage or the onset of arthritis in your joint by an orthopedic doctor and seek proper treatment.


If you reside in Bhubaneswar, it would be good to approach Dr. Sandeep Singh, the best orthopedic doctor in Bhubaneswar. Dr Sandeep provides the best joint replacement in Bhubaneswar.

All about joint replacement surgery

Joint replacement is a surgery in which the damaged joints of the wrist, hip, knee, and shoulder are removed and replaced with a ceramic or plastic or metal prosthesis. The prosthesis functions like a normal joint.

Most commonly performed the joint replacement in Bhubaneswar are performed on the hip and, knees followed by shoulder, elbow, ankle and wrist. Dr Sandeep Singh, a practising orthopedic surgeon, performs Joint Replacement Surgery in Bhubaneswar.

joint replacement surgery
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Anatomy of the joint

The human body has various joints, which make the body functional and mobile. The joint is the meeting point of two or more bones in the body, such as hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, ankles and wrists.

The knee joint is described as a hinge joint as it can bend and straightened itself like a door. On the other hand, the hip and shoulder joints are described as ball and socket joints as the rounded head of one bone perfectly fit into the other joint’s cup-like structure.

Diagnosis and Recommendation of a Joint Replacement Surgery

The orthopedic surgeon will physically examine the painful joint area and the medical condition of the patient. The damaged articular cartilage condition occurs due to degeneration, arthritis or injury to the joint.

If required, the surgeon will recommend x-rays and imaging scans. If the patient complains of joint pain, immobility, and inability to function normally on account of joint pain, then preliminary treatment includes medication, lifestyle changes, physical therapy, etc.

In the event of no improvement through preliminary and non-surgical treatments, the orthopedic surgeon may suggest a total joint replacement surgery.

Joint Replacement Surgery Procedure

The operating orthopedic surgeon will remove the damaged bone and the cartilage in the joint area, followed by replacing it with prosthetics that look, feel and perform like the natural joint.

The prosthetics are artificial joints made of plastic, ceramic or metal. For instance, in a hip replacement surgery, the ball of the thigh bone’s head has to fit into the acetabulum, the cup-like socket in the hip bone.

The surgeon will thus replace the damaged cartilage and joint with a metal socket and stem. Dr Sandeep Singh is known to perform joint replacement surgery in Bhubaneswar.

He is one of the best orthopaedic doctor in Bhubaneswar and also known as the best joint replacement doctor in Bhubaneswar and resolves all issues and disorders related to the body’s joints.

Recovery and rehabilitation

The protocol for recovery and rehabilitation will differ from patient to patient. Of course, there will be pain and discomfort in the initial days, which should resolve in a couple of months.

It is advisable to follow the doctor’s instructions entirely for a successful recovery. The patient has to give utmost importance to follow the recommended physical therapy for strengthening the joint and restoring the joint movement.

In the long run, the patient will be comfortable using the replaced joint and also move around normally. The patient will experience improvement in their lifestyle for many years to come.

Complications of a Joint Replacement Surgery. Some of the complications associated with Joint Replacement Surgery are nerve injury, blood clots, infection, issues in the fitting of the prosthesis – either it is loosely fitted or gets dislocated. But these complications are treatable.

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Advantages of a Joint Replacement Surgery

  • Relief from pain as the intensity of pain also reduces.
  • Improvement in the mobility of the joint and the body on overall.
  • Improvement in lifestyle – more mobile and more functional.

 In general, the patient’s life improves greatly as the dependency on other family members and external help also reduces.

Got Some Questions

Will The New Joint Be A Long-Lasting One?

Yes, if all goes well, the new joint is likely to last for at least 15 – 20 years.  Dr. Sandeep Singh performs Joint Replacement Surgery in Bhubaneswar. He is highly experienced and a trusted orthopedic surgeon who treats his patient with advanced treatments and procedure. Please contact Dr Sandeep Singh for appointments and consultations at 8658044823

How Long Will It Take Me To Recover?

Well, recovery time after the joint replacement surgery depends upon which joint is replaced. In general, it takes two to six months to recover from a hip replacement surgery, while a knee replacement takes nearly three to twelve months to recover. 

How Many Types Of Implants Are Available For Joint Replacement?

There are different types of implants available, viz. metal, ceramic and plastic. The treating orthopedic surgeon will suggest the most suitable implant for the replacing joint.

How Many Weeks Will It Take For Total Recovery After A Joint Replacement?

Well, it takes at least six to eight weeks to recover. The patient needs to take adequate rest and perform suggested activities only.

What Complications Can Occur?

There is a risk of complications arising after any surgery. Common complications such as nerve injury, blood clotting, dislocation of the implant, loose-fitting of the implant and so on can occur. But all these complications are treatable.

How Long Will The Joint Replacement Surgery Last?

It usually takes one or two hours to perform the surgery. The actual time taken depends upon the extent of damage in the joint and replacing it with a suitable prosthetic.

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