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Dr.Sandeep Singh

Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon

  • Qualifications:  MBBS, MS (Ortho), MRCS (Glasgow), MRCS(UK), FRCS¹ (Fellow in Primary and Revision Joint Replacement, London), Fellow Sports Injury (UK)
  • Specialties:
  • Location:
    CARE Super Specialty Hospital – Bhubaneswar
  • Timing:
  • Fee:
    ₹. 600

Dr. Sandeep Singh is a distinguished orthopedic doctor in Bhubaneswar with 11 years of experience, From fracture management and hamstring repair to complex reconstructive surgery and noncompartmental knee replacements, specializing in elective and trauma surgeries, including joint replacement and sports injuries. Renowned for handling complex cases and revision surgeries, he offers high-quality orthopedic solutions to patients’ care for sports injuries and lower limb disorders.

Dr. Sandeep Singh employs advanced surgical techniques such as robotic and arthroscopic surgeries, ensuring rapid recovery with minimal discomfort. Respected for his dedication and professionalism, his peers and patients consider him one of the best orthopedic doctor in Bhubaneswar. Dr. Singh is committed to staying updated with the latest advancements by attending workshops and has published extensively in his field. He emphasizes the effectiveness of robotic arthroplasty in knee and hip replacements, highlighting its precision and the potential for patients to quickly return to their daily routines.

Dr Sandeep Singh


Dr. Sandeep Singh, the top ortho doctor in Bhubaneswar, is highly qualified and has many degrees to his name.

  • After completing his MBBS from BJ Medical College, Pune, he pursued MS – Orthopedics from Government Medical College and Guru Nanak Dev Hospital, Amritsar.
  • During his residency, he gained immense experience by assisting in general and specialized orthopedic surgeries. He independently performed various orthopedic trauma surgeries.
  • Further on, he did his MRCS at the Royal College of Edinburgh.
  • He is a Senior Fellow in lower limb sports surgery and robotic arthroplasty from London, UK. He trained under the renowned Prof. Fares Haddad.
  • Dr. Sandeep Singh also did his Fellowship in revision hip training from Boston, UK.

Introducing first time in Bhubaneshwar

Robotic knee replacement by Dr.Sandeep Singh

Say goodbye to knee pain and hello to a new chapter of mobility!”

Dr. Sandeep Singh is an Orthopedic Surgeon who is bringing new hope to patients & medical care. His commitment to precision and compassionate care has transforms lives in treatment of Robotic knee & joint Replacement.

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Dr. Sandeep Singh, the best orthopedist in Bhubaneswar, performs all types of knee surgery, including partial and full knee replacement, keyhole surgery, and ligament reconstruction.

  • Previously, Dr. Sandeep Singh worked as an Assistant professor where he monitored postgraduate students and was responsible for managing the wards and casualties.
  • After that, he was a consultant at PGIMER and ESIC Model Hospital, New Delhi. Here, he also worked as an Assistant Professor and was directly involved in post-graduate students’ teaching and training.
  • Later, he worked as a specialty doctor at Pilgrim Hospital, Boston, Lincolnshire.
  • On his return from the UK, he is presently working as a Head of the Department of Sports Injury and Rehabilitation and is a pioneer of FASTTRACK joint replacement in Care Super Specialty Hospital, Bhubaneswar.
  • It is the only center in Odisha to offer partial knee replacement surgery where the patients start to walk 4 hours after the procedure.


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In the News

  • Dr. Sandeep Singh, the well known  orthopedic doctor in Bhubaneswar started a new department of sports injuries and rehabilitation which is the first of its kind in Odisha and eastern India.
  • It is committed to providing world-class services for the advancement of sports.
  • It is Inaugurated by some of the most reputed personalities like Naba Kishore Das, (health and family welfare minister), Dilip Tirkey, (former MP and Padamshree), Debashish Mohanty, (BCCI selector), Jasdeep Singh, (Group CEO of Care Hospitals), Gurrit Kaur, (COO, care Hospital)

Dr. Sandeep Singh is a consultant orthopedic surgeon in Bhubaneswar. He works at a care super-specialty hospital. He provides services like hip replacement, ACL surgery, etc.

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We provide comprehensive healthcare services, prioritizing patient well-being through cutting-edge diagnostics and personalized treatment plans.


19:28 04 Feb 24
There is an old saying that doctors are second to god on this Earth and You are one of them. You are a genius. Your service is unmatchable. You are one of the best orthopaedic surgeon in the world. May God take good care of you.. 🙏
Abhisek DasAbhisek Das
02:24 02 Feb 24
Good Dr Robotics knee replacement
17:25 01 Feb 24
Thank you so much sir, my treatment has been very good or I have got well very soon. I have yet to find out that my hand is well again. Thank you so much sir.
Tribikram MohantyTribikram Mohanty
14:49 01 Feb 24
Rupak MahapatraRupak Mahapatra
03:28 09 Jan 24
We were very nervous about my mom’s knee surgery, but it was a remarkable experience with Dr. Singh’s compassionate approach and skilled surgery. My mom managed to walk unassisted within a couple of weeks, with daily physical therapy for recovery. Thank you, Dr. Singh.
Nirupama PanigrahiNirupama Panigrahi
16:14 13 Dec 23
PROCEDURE : BILATERAL TOTAL KNEE REPLACEMENTHello ! Hope this review consoles the reader's anxious heart and makes him stop searching and start believing! It will be a little long, please bear with me. I promise you will definitely find this helpful.I am Nirupama Panigrahi from Sambalpur,Odisha . I had problems with my legs since I was 40. The synovial fluid dried up and pain started in my knees. I took medications of all kind, did physiotherapy , tried naturopathy and what not ! Nothing worked. I had to bear the pain for 20 long years before starting to think about knee replacement. I researched for quite a long while before meeting Dr. Singh. I was sceptical and reluctant about having my knee replaced because of the fear that I will go under the knife. Anyway, I decided to meet a few doctors and take opinion. I booked appointments with the biggest names in Odisha and met 4 of them including Dr. Singh. But I tell you, the assurance that I found in the eyes of Dr. Singh, I couldn't find it anywhere else. I vividly remember him telling me 'aunty tell me when do you want to walk. Leave all your worries behind and trust me I will make you walk pain free when you go home from hospital' . I knew he was the man, I came back home got my appointment fixed and got my both knees operated by his expert hands on 7.11.2023. The stay at the hospital had been one emotional roller coaster ride for me and my family. Dr. Singh provided me with the utmost care and showered me with a son like affection. His whole team assisted me through out in every way possible. To my surreal hope, I could stand on my feet the very next day of operation, could walk a few meters in a couple of days and walk down the aisle of the hospital and climb up a few steps in the staircase before leaving the hospital. My son says he can't remember me walking straight and Dr.Singh made it possible. The recovery post operation was such that we felt like we were experiencing some kind of magic. I and my family will remain indebted and ever grateful to you for your help, expertise and everything that you did for us Dr. Singh !For every reader out there, your search ends here. Go meet Dr. Singh, take his advice, trust him and live your life like you always wanted. I guarantee you will be elated. I have never seen somebody who is anymore approachable,kind, caring,cooperative and a doctor who always takes a stand for his patients. Dr.Singh and his team help me with my post surgery niggles and guide me with medication and physiotherapy procedures over telephone incase of emergency even today when I seek their advice. What else does one need from somebody of Dr.Singh's stature !Atlast, I with my whole family thank you Dr. Sandeep Singh and your whole team especially Dr. Lingaraj, Dr. Akash, Dr.Tapaswini,Dr. Pankaj, Mr.Soumya, Ms.Sonali and the nursing staff.Thank you !
Dibya Ranjan MallickDibya Ranjan Mallick
17:05 12 Dec 23
Dear Dr. Sandeep Singh,I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for the exceptional care you provided during my mom's recent knee replacement surgery. Your expertise, compassion, and dedication have made a significant impact on her well-being.Your thorough explanation of the procedure, patience in addressing our concerns, and the successful execution of the surgery have left an indelible impression on our family. We are immensely thankful for your skillful hands and the genuine kindness you showed throughout the entire process.As we witness my mom's improved mobility and increased comfort, we are reminded of the positive impact your work has on people's lives. Your commitment to excellence in orthopedic surgery is truly commendable.Your support staff’s and the nursing staff's unwavering support during my Mom’s recovery played a crucial role in making the rehabilitation process smooth and comfortable. Their patience, empathy, and tireless efforts did not go unnoticed, and I am truly grateful for their exceptional care.Thank you once again for your outstanding service and for making a difference in the lives of your patients. We feel fortunate to have had you as our mom's surgeon, and we are grateful for the positive outcome she has experienced under your care.Warm regards,Dibya R Mallick
Ruby AcharyaRuby Acharya
03:33 25 Nov 23
My mother had robotic surgery on both her knees, she is doing very well now. Within 5-6 days of surgery she started walking very well although my mom was a little overweight.Dr. Sandeep Singh is not only an Excellent Doctor, superb Human being, Sober, approachable, friendly approach with smiling face with his selfless service.He is an exceptional orthopaedic specialist. From the first consultation to post-surgery follow-ups, his professionalism and dedication to patient recovery was evident. We are very grateful to Dr. Sandeep. Thank you.
Natasha GuptaNatasha Gupta
18:14 04 Nov 23
My mother is now 77+ years of age. 13 years back, her knee started to give up. She underwent all sorts of treatment - allopathic, physiotherapy, ayurvedic, naturopathy, homeopathic, yunani and what not ...instead of improvement, her situation worsened. Now that she was unable to stand, sit, walk or even sleep without pain and using stairs became a complete no for her ; we insisted on her for knee surgery. But she did not agree.Last year I got my ACL reconstruction done by Dr Sandeep Singh at Care Hospital, Bhubaneswar and realised that perhaps he is the one who can convince her. I took my mother to him and to my fascination she happily agreed in just a matter of a few minutes! This was the power of Dr Sandeep Singh's charming smile and the way of communicating.The most commendable thing about Dr Sandeep is that , he is always approachable.Finally both of my mother's knees got replaced in September 2023. It was her first time that she was getting into a hospital for any kind of surgery. We were quite apprehensive of how she would react to the pain and discomfort during her hospital stay or post surgery days. Again, Dr Sandeep Singh's every visit and conversation brought positive energy and gave strength and rekindled her hope. The services of Care Hospital were also instrumental to emerge from this post operative phase. The junior doctors, hospital physiotherapists, nurses, staff and administration, all were very supportive and humble. Thanks to Doctor Sandeep and everyone including Dr Tapas, the physiotherapist who came to our house daily for her routine exercise, my mother is again walking and able to climb the stairs like her younger days.Praise to the Almighty who led us in a way that met us with Dr. Sandeep and this wonderful support ecosystem!
Beena PatnaikBeena Patnaik
11:59 24 Sep 23
We express our heartfelt gratitude to Dr Sandeep Singh who is an energetic orthopaedic surgeon for doing successful knee replacement surgery of my husband . My husband was suffering from knee pain since 2014.He did physiotherapy for sometime and was taking calcium tablets.But we were not prepared for knee replacement surgery.when we watched the video of Dr Sandeep Singh we could know what actually means by knee replacement surgery.Dr Singh also mentioned that the surgery is advised for those who badly need it .After watching his video my husband mentally prepared to undergo surgery. So we went to Dr Sandeep Singh for consultation.He suggested for surgery immediately after seeing his walking posture even without seeing his X-ray and other reports. Dr Singh's confidence, pleasing personality, friendly behaviour and positive approach attracted us very much and. developed strength and confidence in my husband to undergo surgery.After doing all the required preliminary tests at Care Hospitals we decided to go for the surgery on 16 08-2023.The surgery was done successfully by Dr Sandeep Singh on 16-08 2023 . We are greatly indebted to Dr Singh who could change the quality of life to a great extent.The very next day he could walk five steps with the help of walker.within two to three days he could walk slowly without the help of walker.During our stay in the hospital physiotherapy was done by experts of Care Hospital.Dr Sandeep Singh and his team are very much helpful and caring.All the staff of the hospital are very nice and they respond immediately whenever needed.We are extremely thankful to all of them.we also extend our gratitude to the management staff of Care Hospitals.At present he is able to walk in the street without stick or walker. For this we also grateful to Dr Tapas Mitra for his able guidance and physiotherapy.All this is mainly possible because of Dr Singh who helped us greatly .May God shower his blessings on Dr Sandeep Singh to become the best doctor of not only India but also of the World at large.

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Got Some Questions

Dr. Sandeep Singh removes the entire joint in the total knee replacement and replaces it with an artificial joint. In a partial knee replacement, the damaged portion of the knee joint is removed and replaced with artificial parts.

The success rate is more than 95% for hip and knee replacement surgery. Most people achieve good to excellent results, and their level of activity and mobility increases significantly.

Generally, it depends on several factors, such as your age, physical condition, and activity level. A shoulder replacement mostly lasts for the remainder of a patient’s life. 

You will mostly go home after one or two nights in the hospital. Your physical therapy will begin while you are still in the hospital, often on the same day as surgery.

Missed recurrent injuries, tunnel malposition, patellar fracture, knee stiffness, and infection are all severe problems that can occur during ACL restoration. We look at the problems that can arise as a result of mistakes made before, during, or after surgery.

Because ACL reconstruction is a surgical treatment, there are also some risks involved with it, such as bleeding and blood clots. Knee pain continues. If the graft comes from a corpse, disease transmission is a possibility

The success rate of ACL restoration surgery is 80-90 percent. However, this leaves a significant number of patients with disappointing outcomes. Knee instability or re-rupture of the ACL graft are considered to be responsible for 8% of the bad outcomes.

The newest technology in knee replacement is Robotic knee replacement surgery. This advanced approach utilizes robotic systems to assist surgeons in the precise planning and execution of knee replacement procedures, resulting in improved accuracy, faster recovery, and enhanced patient outcomes.

Who is a good candidate for robotic knee replacement?


Individuals with severe knee pain and limited mobility due to conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or post-traumatic arthritis can go for Robotic knee replacement surgery.

The cost of Robotic knee replacement surgery ranges from 1.5 Lakhs to 4 Lakhs. Dr. Sandeep Singh offers advanced & cost-effective robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery to his patients.