This article discusses the causes and treatment options available in Bhubaneswar to treat joint swelling. So, read on to view the full details.


Joints are the structures in your body that link 2 or more bones. They can be located in your feet, arms, and a variety of other body regions.



Soft tissues surround and cushion the joints. When fluid collects in these tissues, swelling occurs. Swelling of the joints can cause pain, stiffness, or both.


Is there swelling in your joints?

Then visit one of the top orthopaedist in Bhubaneswar and get effective treatment for joint swelling. This article discusses the causes and treatment options available in Bhubaneswar to treat joint swelling.

First, let us discuss the causes of joint swelling. Because for treating the problem, knowing the cause of the problem is necessary. Just like symptoms help to identify the problem, the cause helps to identify the solution!

To find the solution, the first one needs to find the cause of the problem as the solution for most problems lies in their cause! So, first, let us find the cause of joint swelling, the solution would then be automatically and easily found!

What are the causes of joint swelling?

joint swelling

The most common cause of joint swelling is arthritis. Arthritis is of various types as follows-

1 . Osteoarthritis

The most prevalent type of arthritis is osteoarthritis. The normal degeneration of joint cartilage over time causes it.

The bones rub against each other as the cartilage surrounding your joint wears away. This can cause swelling, discomfort, and stiffness in the joints.

2. Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a type of arthritis that affects the joints. This inflammatory kind of arthritis is also an autoimmune ailment, which means your body targets its healthy tissues.

Your immune system targets the membranes that line your joints when you have RA, causing fluid to build up and your joints to enlarge. It can harm your joints’ cartilage, tendons, and ligaments.

3. Gout

When you have gout, an excess of uric acid in your blood causes uric acid crystals to form in your joints, causing swelling and agony.

When your body breaks down certain chemicals in food, it produces uric acid as a by-product. It dissolves in your blood and is expelled from your body through urination.

It can pile up in your joints, forming needle-like crystals, if it isn’t expelled properly. Gout symptoms, such as joint swelling, are caused by this.

4. Psoriatic arthritis

This kind of arthritis can occur as a result of psoriasis, a skin ailment. It’s an autoimmune disease in which your immune system assaults healthy joint and skin tissue. Inflammation occurs, resulting in joint swelling, discomfort, and stiffness.

Other than arthritis, there are other causes of joint swelling also such as injuries, rheumatic fever, tendinitis, etc.

Most often, joint swelling is not a problem but a symptom of a problem! But one can treat this symptom by treating its cause. It is advisable to seek help from the top ortho doctor in Bhubaneswar to treat joint swelling.

How can joint swelling be treated?

As mentioned earlier, the solution to a problem lies in the cause of the problem! By treating the cause, one can treat the problem as well as the symptoms.

If the cause of your joint swelling is injury, you can apply ice to the injured joint for a few minutes. Over-the-counter medications can also help treat the injury. By treating the injury, which is the cause of joint swelling you can treat the joint swelling. Your doctor in Bhubaneswar may also advise you to not move or put weight on the affected joint for some time. It is also advisable to elevate the joint when you’re resting.

If the cause of the joint swelling is osteoarthritis or lupus, the doctor of an orthopedist clinic in Bhubaneswar will advise physical therapy and will prescribe certain medications that will help reduce the swelling in your joints.

The solution for joint swelling depends on the cause of joint swelling.


Joint swelling can be very terrible! But it can be treated by identifying the cause of joint swelling. To find the solution for joint swelling, one first needs to find the cause of joint swelling. The most common cause of joint swelling is arthritis. Joint swelling can also be caused by injury and other reasons.

But one can treat joint swelling by visiting the top ortho doctor in Bhubaneswar.

Do you have swelling in your joints?

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