If your kid’s back discomfort is not going away, you should look into what’s causing it. Simple pain relievers like paracetamol or ibuprofen can be beneficial. Read on to know more.


Back pain in children and teenagers was once thought to be rare. However, back discomfort in youngsters is becoming more common as they become older.


By the age of 15 years, 20 to 70% of youngsters will have experienced back pain. Although a severe underlying condition does not cause most back discomfort yet, this is not always the case, particularly in children under five.

Muscle strain, injury, or overuse are the most prevalent reasons for back discomfort. Overuse probably causes a higher percentage of discomfort than actual injuries. If you live in Bhubaneswar and surrounding areas, you can visit the best ortho doctor in Bhubaneswar for proper treatment.

Back discomfort in children can be caused by various factors, including misuse, carrying backpacks, fractures, and sprains. Inflammatory disorders and slip discs are two less prevalent causes of back pain in kids.

Which kids are at risk for back pain?

Children’s back discomfort is getting more prevalent these days. According to the best orthopedic doctor in Bhubaneswar, it has a more significant impact on girls than boys.

It is, however, less common in children than in adults. Back discomfort affects about 30 out of every 100 adolescents and teenagers, yet only a tiny percentage of them seek medical attention.

Signs and symptoms of back pain in kids?

A feeling of back discomfort characterizes a kid’s back pain. the symptoms include –

It might be a temporary discomfort or long-term discomfort.
It can range from minor to severe.
A child can experience the pain either in the centre or radiate to any other parts of the body.
It may keep your kid up at night.
The ability of your kid to play games or participate in physical activity may be hampered by back pain.
It’s occasionally possible to pinpoint which actions aggravate the discomfort.
Along with these, your kid may experience high temperature, numbness, weakness, and bowel difficulties.
It can have an impact on how they bend, walk, and move.

Reasons for children’s back pain?

children’s back pain
Many adolescents and teens suffer from back discomfort without having a severe underlying problem these days. In a research, 78 children from 100 were found to have no explanation for back discomfort.

It does not mean that there can never be any serious reason for your child’s back pain. So, as parents, you must be careful about your child’s condition.

Reason for back pain in older children:

  • Any strain in ligaments and muscles of your kid’s spine due to repetitive movements.
  • The curvature of the spine results from uneven development of the tiny bones in your kid’s spine.
  • Fractures in the vertebrate.
  • Spondylolysis in the spine.
  • Ankylosing spondylitis.

Reason for back pain in younger and older

  • Infection – most common among children below the age of ten years:
  • Discitis – It is a disc infection.
  • Pyelonephritis
  • Osteomyelitis.
  • Tumour – Tumors spinal cord and bone.
  • The conditions affect your child’s entire body.

What are the treatment choices for a kid with back pain?

Back discomfort is common in youngsters and usually goes away on its own. According to studies, almost half of the entire teens with back discomfort experience this, which is frequently caused by over-enthusiastic athletic activities or due to heavy backpacks.

If your kid’s back discomfort is not going away, you should look into what’s causing it. Simple pain relievers like paracetamol or ibuprofen can be beneficial.

Your kid may require a physiotherapist, who will advise on any lifestyle modifications that may ease discomfort and prevent it from recurring. They may also provide a course of exercises that may be done at home and give other sorts of physical treatment.

If your child’s pain lasts longer than 4-6 weeks, worsens, or is accompanied by odd symptoms like a constant high temperature or numbness, they should see a doctor. If there is anything severe, the treatment requires to be started as soon as feasible.

Is it possible to avoid back discomfort in children?

It turns out that our mothers were correct when they advised us to cease slouching. Sitting and standing in proper posture might help to prevent back discomfort. Lifting correctly and avoiding repetitive acts that strain the spine can also assist.

As per the best orthopedist in Bhubaneswar, keeping the children away from mental stress and trauma may relieve back pain.

Backpacks are a common source of back discomfort in kids. Ensure they aren’t overly heavy and that the weight is spread evenly. Swimming is beneficial, but there is no evidence that other sports activities effectively prevent back discomfort. Keep an eye on how much exercise your child gets.