Posterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery

Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) Surgery Treatment in Bhubaneswar

Sandeep Singh
Created on 14th Jul, 21

The strongest ligament in the knee is the posterior cruciate ligament. The most significant function of the posterior cruciate ligament is to inhibit posterior translation of the knee at increasing knee flexion degrees.

Genicular Nerve Radiofrequency Ablation

Genicular Nerve Radiofrequency Ablation for Knee Pain

Sandeep Singh
Created on 1st Jul, 21

A genicular nerve block is a new procedure used to treat knee pain that couldn't be treated using other procedures. Read on to view the full details.

Heel Pain in Bhubaneswar

Causes and Treatment of Heel Pain in Bhubaneswar

Sandeep Singh
Created on 27th Jun, 21

There are a range of conditions that can cause heel pain. They can be challenging to spot because heel pain isn't usually triggered by an accident like a fall or a twist. Read on to view the details.

What is Gout

What is Gout? Symptoms and Treatment in Bhubaneswar

Sandeep Singh
Created on 21th Jun, 21

Gout is a condition caused by an increase in uric acid. Gout usually is seen in the joints of feet. It causes swelling and redness in the joints of the feet. Read on to know the full information.

Backache in Children

Backache in Children - How to deal with it?

Sandeep Singh
Created on 18th Jun, 21

If your kid's back discomfort is not going away, you should look into what's causing it. Simple pain relievers like paracetamol or ibuprofen can be beneficial. Read on to know more.

Pregnancy and Orthopedic Problems

Pregnancy and Orthopedic Problems : How to manage?

Sandeep Singh
Created on 26th May, 21

Orthopedic problems include pain in joints and muscles. It also includes issues related to bones. This is quite common during pregnancy. Read on to view the full information on this.

Hamstring Injury

Hamstring Injury – What you should know?

Sandeep Singh
Created on 20th May, 21

The hamstring muscles are a set of three muscles. These muscles go from your hips to just below your knee around the back of your leg. These muscles allow you to bend your knee and stretch your leg straight behind the body. Read on to read the full information.

Exercises to reduce knee pain

Seven exercises to reduce knee pain

Sandeep Singh
Created on 12th May, 21

Consult with an orthopedic doctor, before beginning an activity regimen for knee pain to ensure that the workouts are appropriate for you. Read on for more details.

Bone Fracture

What are bone fractures: Types and Treatment in Bhubaneswar

Sandeep Singh
Created on 11th May, 21

A bone fracture is a medical condition where the continuity of the bone is broken. A huge level of bone cracks happen as a result of high power effect or stress. Read on to know the complete details.


Osteoarthritis Of the Knee Joint – What Should You Know?

Sandeep Singh
Created on 4th May, 21

Osteoarthritis of the knee joint is set apart by torment, growing, and solidness and makes climbing steps, strolling, running, and so on, troublesome. If not treated on schedule, osteoarthritis of the knee joint can upset everyday schedules and even lead to inability.

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