People Speak About Us

Dr. Sandeep Singh sir is such an energetic and helpful doctor. Appreciate Dr Singh taking the time to go over the diagnosis clearly and suggest treatment options.

Dr Sandeep Singh is Knowledgeable, experienced, informative… I immediately felt at ease and felt confident in my receiving expert medical care. The staff was great, too. Good overall experience.

Dr. Sandeep Singh is the best. I promise! Because when you are injured its not just about healing physically but also psychologically. Doc Singh ensures you heal holistically. Highlights of my experience with doc: 1) He ensures you receive the treatment that suits you. 2) He will keep an check on your mental state with his hilarious jokes. 3) He will motivate you to heal naturally using your core strength. 4) It's a treat to visit him. :) He is one doc in town, you wouldn't be scared to visit over and over again. Thank you so much doc. If I am doing well today its all because of your affirmations.

A Doctor’s behaviour and attitude towards the patient can do wonders - no wonder, placebo effect is a proven theory. This applies to Dr Sandeep Singh immensely. Let alone the command over his discipline - Orthopedics, Dr Singh’s communication with the patient and the latter’s confidence and trust on him is exemplary - not an exaggeration. My mother’s trigger finger pain has not recurred ever since she is under his treatment! Thank you Doctor - Highly recommended!

It was an Amazing Experience. My mother who wasn't able to stand now she's doing very well and a lot of Thanks to Dr Sandeep Singh who listens and understands patients problem. Last but not the least Physiotherapist Dr Tapas Mitra also well supported us..

Amazing. More a friend than a doc. I have never come across such a doctor who is so accessible to his patients. He has conducted the Total Knee Replacement of my mother on 16.08.21 and she is absolutely fine.

I had an ACL tear,was bit panic for it. But after consulting with Dr. Sandeep Singh Sir,all my fear vanish away. Sir explains about surgery of ACL reconstruction with such well versed informative, high supportive, friendly sense manner which make my confidence high at that moment. Then my surgery went smoothly. Through this process physiotherapy doctors, staffs, nurses of care hospitals are very kind and dedicatedly serving with all their efforts. After 2 weeks I am able to walk also. If I had any doubt, Sir always make sure to clear it up so well. Humbled and grateful to have you as my doctor sir.Excellent Doctor. Very much happy.

One of the best doctors in orthopaedics in Bhubaneswar. Must recommend for any orthopaedic treatment. Best behaviour spoke....feel like you get healed completely whenever talked to him. God bless Paaji... Always grateful.

The town's best orthopedist. Extremely knowledgeable. Person who is generous. Very gifted. He is a hard worker with a pleasant demeanour. For any Orthopedic needs, I would strongly recommend Dr. Sandeep.

My aunt (Buaa) underwent Left Total Knee Replacement under Dr.Sandeep Singh Ji at Care Hospital. I am overwhelmed with the way he carried out each and every bit of thing . Starting from the day i visited him at his clinic till the discharge , he helped me and guided me in all possible way . Such a humble and down to earth person with huge knowledge and expertise in every step of surgery he does , i can clearly say he is the future of Orthopedics and i can say Our country is in safe hands with doctors like Sandeep Singh ji . Me personally being a doctor , my entire family is extremely happy with the passion he puts on to his work and the dedication he shows towards his patients . I would recommend people to start believing in him and he has got the best team of doctors and para medical staffs . Last but not the least i will say His Actions Speak More Than His Words.

This is my first experience with care Hospital and I can't wait for myself to write a review about the Hospital and Dr Sandip Singh specialist in orthopaedic. They are very concern about the patients and The Hospital is well And I specially want to thank to Mr Pankaj physiotherapy for treating me very well as my case in the last day was a little complicated and once again thanks to Mr champion Dr Sandeep singh 🙏💐..

Dr. Sandeep is one of the best Orthopedic doctors in town. Doctor and his team is proactive towards their patients condition and treatment. Most importantly they don't suggest you for unnecessary tests and X-rays to be done until and unless it is required.