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I recently got my ACL reconstruction and meniscus surgery done and what a flawless experience it has been. He is one of the best orthopedic surgeon in the town. He is highly skilled and knowledgeable. His medical expertise and guidance was apt and precise. He is humble and the most wonderful doctor I have ever met in my life. I strongly recommend anyone looking for orthopedic related problem to consult sir. I salute you and will ever remain grateful for everything you have done🙏

I never thought I would be finally able to motivate my mother in doing her knee replacement surgery until I met Dr. Sandeep Singh. Starting from listening and attending to all my queries regarding surgery with patience to eliminating her fears of getting operated, he helped and motivated her throughout her entire journey of surgery and even after it. My mother surgery went on very smooth and everything was great with the his entire team of doctors. Dr. Singh is always available for her/his patients and definitely responds to them irrespective of any time throughout the day. I would definitely recommend anyone and everyone with Orthopedic issues to definitely consult Dr. Singh. A great surgeon with a wonderful personality full of positive vibes and confidence and above all a great human being.

I was complet ACL tear in my right leg after knowing that I was completely shocked and afraid. I go through the internet and ask others then I know about Dr. sandeep Singh. In the first meet my fear goes out and he assured me that I will be alright after the operation. Now finally after three months of my operation, I was completely fine and walked as normal and also run like previously I was. Thanks to Dr. Sandeep Singh he gave me a new life. love you sir ❤️🙏

have no words for Dr. Sandeep Singh and Dr. Tapas Mitra, I went from Qatar met Dr. Sandeep with his words which half heald me, I was suffering from back pain and sciatica, he prescribed medicines and with the help of Dr. Tapas with his physiotherapy, I recovered in a week, a man of word with par excellence in his venture. thank u soo much sir for your help...strongly reccomend people to vist even if its mild or severe... you will live a life with full of ecstasy...

Its been a brilliant experience with Dr. Sandeep Singh. Given the pain and complex muscle group involved in the shoulder joint, I was apprehensive about the outcome. However, Dr. Sandeep effortlessly explained the condition while recommending a suitable non-invasive course of action which has been a huge relief. His energy and ability to connect at a personal level certainly made the experience memorable. Cheers Raj

It is my pleasure to share my experience with Dr. Sandeep and his associates in the care hospital, Bhubaneswar. I was suffering since 2010 in my knees. My walking was no less than duck walking. On my approach to Dr. Singh, I was convinced of his confidence in my operation. I did me both knees operated on 13th October 2021. Dr. Singh and his entire team from day one of my admission to discharge from the hospital have taken a lot of care. I could able to stand on the second day in the ICU, and able to walk from the fourth day of operation, of course with a stretcher. Within 20days, I could able to walk move freely. Now I am leading a normal life. I am thankful to Dr. Singh &his entire team for bringing awareness to knee replacement. Being inspired My friends (Er Niranjan)'s wife also had her knee surgery at a care hospital with Dr. Singh. I have in my 67 years of life, never come express a doctor who responds 24×7 hours. Even today on any quarry, he responds within 10minutes.I pray God to bless him to serve the needed people like us.

I took my aunt from Cuttack to Bhubaneswar to see Dr. Sandeep Singh. She is a primary school teacher. She has such a green thumb that we joke in our family that where she shakes her hand, a tree starts to grow. All her life like many of our mothers she would tolerate the pain until it was unbearable because she had so many other responsibilities. Going to the doctor was always a huge struggle with long waits, running around, and good luck if you get to see the doctor for a few seconds after which he sends a prescription with the attendant (the true ruler of the clinic) who might explain something if he feels like it. When I took her to Dr. Sandeep (recommended by a friend), she had severe back pain. It was so bad that she couldn't walk or even stand. The entire way I was dreading that the doctor would say 'Come back tomorrow with an x-ray'. But Dr. Sandeep was amazing. We barely had to wait 10-15 minutes to see him. He checked her spine and explained the problem to her. In a very clear and friendly way, he educated her on the best path to recovery, beyond just popping pain killers, and helped her understand what she needed to do for her health long-term. Whatever medicines he prescribed, he explained the why and what of them, emphasizing that recovery wasn't about just pain killers but about making actual changes. He told her to rest and get the x-ray after a week and even for that he told me - 'don't trouble your aunt by bringing her all the way here just for the x-ray, just send it over the phone. It has been a month now and she is so much better. Because she understands the problem, she has been reading about her condition and exercising regularly. Throughout, Dr. Sandeep has been monitoring her progress over the phone and refuses to take any further payment. She is already talking about going back to school and her plants in a day or two. To date, Dr. Sandeep knows nothing about her beyond her symptoms. To him maybe it is a very small thing. But to the woman who has memories of standing outside clinics at 10 pm in the pouring rain, no way to get home because no autos will run, tired at the end of a long day of school work and cooking and cleaning, for her and countless others, to get great medical advice with minimal effort is nothing short of a miracle. I told her today I was writing a review for Dr. Sandeep and asked her what I should say - she said, 'He is such a gem of a doctor. It is rare to find a doctor like him.

Doctor Sandeep Singh , he is an exceptional doctor with good humour and understand the case very well ! My father had undergone revision knee surgery on 19th October 2021 . I was skeptical due to his age (72 years) and the complexities involved. Once meeting with both me and my father doubts were cleared, phew!!! The operation was successful ! and he is doing better now! If you are planning to go for any orthopedic surgery, would suggest you book an appointment with the best orthopedic doctor in Bhubaneswar, he will assure you of all the necessary action. Thank you sir for your help and your team for all cordial help.

Dr. Sandeep Singh sir is such an energetic and helpful doctor. Appreciate Dr Singh taking the time to go over the diagnosis clearly and suggest treatment options.

Dr Sandeep Singh is Knowledgeable, experienced, informative… I immediately felt at ease and felt confident in my receiving expert medical care. The staff was great, too. Good overall experience.

Dr. Sandeep Singh is the best. I promise! Because when you are injured its not just about healing physically but also psychologically. Doc Singh ensures you heal holistically. Highlights of my experience with doc: 1) He ensures you receive the treatment that suits you. 2) He will keep an check on your mental state with his hilarious jokes. 3) He will motivate you to heal naturally using your core strength. 4) It's a treat to visit him. :) He is one doc in town, you wouldn't be scared to visit over and over again. Thank you so much doc. If I am doing well today its all because of your affirmations.

A Doctor’s behaviour and attitude towards the patient can do wonders - no wonder, placebo effect is a proven theory. This applies to Dr Sandeep Singh immensely. Let alone the command over his discipline - Orthopedics, Dr Singh’s communication with the patient and the latter’s confidence and trust on him is exemplary - not an exaggeration. My mother’s trigger finger pain has not recurred ever since she is under his treatment! Thank you Doctor - Highly recommended!