Details of the Patient

  • Patient’s Name: Mrs. Beena Singh
  • Patient’s Age: 58
  • Patient’s Gender: female

Symptoms shown by the Patient

  • Reduced mobility of the knee
  • Knee pain even when resting
  • Unable to perform daily activities like cooking and climbing stairs
  • Unable to sit in the same position for over 20 minutes

An Overview of the Case

Mrs. Beena Singh came into our office with deteriorating right knee pain. She said her pain started due to a twisting injury while on a short hiking trip with her friends 3 years ago. 

The discomfort was initially relieved after non-surgical treatments like cortisone injections and outpatient PT (physical therapy). However, they only gave temporary comfort, and the pain progressively reappeared a few months later. 

She described her discomfort as a dull ache that is worst on the inside area of the knee. The pain was intensified by activities such as climbing stairs, sitting or getting up, or any activity requiring bending her knees.


Right Total Knee Arthroplasty

Right Total Knee Arthroplasty<br />

Before the surgery, Dr. Sandeep Singh discussed the risks, benefits, and potential complications with the patient and her family.

Several weeks before the procedure, a pretreatment CT scan was taken of the right knee, hip, and ankle. The scan helped in understanding the anatomy and biomechanics of the patient’s knee better. The information was used to create a custom implant for the patient.

During surgery, the highly skilled Dr. Sandeep Singh made an incision to open the front of her damaged joint and removed the injured bone and cartilage. He then replaced them with metal components to recreate the joint surface. After this, he cut the undersurface of the kneecap (patella) and resurfaced it with a plastic button.

Finally, Dr. Singh inserted a plastic medical-grade spacer between the metal replacements to generate a smooth surface.


Mrs. Singh showed improved movement in her operated knee just after 2 weeks post-surgery. She was relieved that she no longer experienced excruciating pain and was very happy that she could gradually get back to her normal activities.

Medical Tests Performed

  • X-rays
  • CT Scan

Feedback from the Patient

Mrs. Beena Singh said that she had been scared of going through surgery, but reliable sources recommended that she visit Dr. Sandeep Singh. Once she met with him and explained her situation, the doctor took her through what the surgery entailed and what she could expect. Mrs. Singh says, “After speaking with Dr. Sandeep Singh, I felt positive about going through the procedure. I used to lead an active lifestyle before the hiking incident. The limited mobility after the injury made me feel unhappy with myself and unable to enjoy the simplest of life’s pleasures.” “But I am grateful to Dr. Sandeep Singh for making me feel like my active, energetic self again. I diligently follow the post-operative physical therapy and look forward to living a fruitful life again.”

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