Details of the Patient

  • Patient’s Name: Santosh Murmu
  • Patient’s Age: 17
  • Patient’s Gender: male

Symptoms shown by the Patient

  • Severe sports injury to left knee

An Overview of the Case

The knee is the body’s largest joint made up of the four primary components bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. Because the knee is a complex joint with numerous components, it is susceptible to a wide range of injuries.

Fractures, dislocations, sprains, and ligament tears are among the most frequent knee injuries. In many cases, injuries to the knee involve more than one structure. In sports, often sudden meniscal tears occur. When twisting, cutting, rotating, or being tackled, tears in the meniscus can occur.

In Odisha, a 17-year-young, state-level Kho-Kho player named Santosh Murmu experienced a severe sports injury to the left knee during a tournament. The patient was brought to CARE Super Specialty Hospital, Bhubaneshwar. Dr Sandeep Singh, one of the top orthopedist in Bhubaneswar, handled this case.

Dr. Sandeep Singh recommended an MRI scan. An MRI showed a meniscus tear in the left knee. Further, Dr. Sandeep Singh performed a left lateral meniscus surgery on the patient. The patient was discharged with full power and control over his limb following comprehensive treatment and guided physiotherapy under Dr. Sandeep Singh’s supervision.

Treatment Provided to the Patient

  • Left Lateral Meniscus Repair Surgery

Medical Tests Performed

  • MRI

Feedback from the Patient

This is what Santosh Murmu, the patient had to say after his surgery: “I am satisfied with the treatment provided by Dr. Sandeep Singh. Now, I am eagerly waiting to resume the Kho-Kho field to represent the state”.

Relevant Questions

Q. My doctor had advised me to get orthopedic surgery back in January, but due to work from home and pandemic i kept putting it on hold, is it risky?

You should have orthopedic surgery at the earliest after you got advised by the doctor otherwise you may feel some mobility issues.

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