Bhubaneshwar’s Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Sandeep Singh, makes strides in Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

Published on 5th May, 23

Dr. Sandeep Singh, a renowned orthopedic surgeon, offers robotic knee replacement surgery in Bhubaneshwar. Robotic knee replacement surgery is a highly advanced surgical technique that initiates faster recovery while resolving knee joint problems.

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Odisha-based orthopedic surgeon, Dr Sandeep Singh, explains how to distinguish between a ligament tear and a sprain

Published on 22nd Dec, 22

Dr. Sandeep Singh, one of the leading orthopedic surgeons in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, states, there is a difference between a sprain and strain, and hence they require to be treated differently. People with these injuries should consult an orthopedic surgeon if they do not recover from it after resting for a couple of days.

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Dr. Sandeep Singh of Bhubaneshwar explains ligament injuries and treatment in detail

Published on 5th Jan, 22

Most health and wellness experts suggest playing sports is the best way to stay active but is associated with the risk of injuring our body, especially the ligaments in the knees, ankles, neck, shoulder, back, and any other joint in the body.

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Odisha-Based Dr Sandeep Singh Recommends Knee Replacement Surgeries For Resuming Active Lifestyle

Published on 12th Oct, 21

Dr. Sandeep Singh, one the best orthopedic doctor in Bhubaneswar, Odisha states, ‘I recommend knee replacement surgery to resurface the severely affected knee on account of arthritis and/or knee injury. Knee replacement surgery is a procedure in which plastic and metal parts are used as caps to cover the ends of the bones of the knee joint after removing the damaged parts of the knee joint.

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Dr. Sandeep Singh offers state-of-the-art orthopedic treatment in Bhubaneswar

Published on 5th Jun, 21

Dr. Sandeep Singh, a highly acclaimed orthopedic doctor in Bhubaneswar states, "Today, it is possible to treat patients with knee and hip replacement procedures and get them on their feet and walk without much pain and discomfort."

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CARE Hospitals performs rare Unicompartmental Knee Replacement in Bhubaneswar

Published on 26th Nov, 20

Led by Dr Sandeep Singh, a team of orthopaedic surgeons from CARE Hospitals yesterday performed a rare Unicompartmental Knee Replacement (UKR) in Bhubaneswar. During knee replacement surgery, the damaged bone and cartilage is resurfaced with metal and plastic components.

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