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Loosened Knee Fixed With Revision Knee Replacement Surgery

Patient Review

  • Patient's Name: Raghu Nath Panigrahi
  • Patient's Gender: male


  • Difficulty in walking

Case Presentation

Surgery or a defective implant might cause knee replacement issues. One of the most severe consequences is loosening, and discomfort is the most prevalent. Bone fractures, instability, and major falls can all result from loosening. Almost every severe complication necessitates revision surgery.

Pain, poor joint function, knee instability, and swelling or stiffness in the knee joint are the most typical symptoms of a failed knee implant.

The location of the discomfort can be all over the knee (generalized) or in one specific spot (localized), and it can indicate loosening, wear, or infection. A limp, stiffness, or instability may occur from a loss in knee function. These symptoms and indicators may necessitate revision joint surgery in some patients.

Revision knee surgery using advanced procedures and materials frequently results in significant pain reduction and increased function. Revision knee replacement is a complex procedure that requires an experienced surgeon and proper preoperative preparation to obtain excellent results.

An Overview of the Case

A male patient, Mr. Raghu Nath Panigrahi, consulted Dr. Sandeep Singh, one of the best orthopedic doctors in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. The patient was having difficulty in walking and pain in the right knee. The patient had knee replacement surgery three years ago.

Dr. Sandeep Singh conducted a thorough examination of the patient and recommended an X-ray. The imaging test showed loosening of the knee.

Dr. Sandeep Singh informed the patient about the condition and the need for revision surgery. Further, Dr. Singh operated on the patient and performed revision knee replacement surgery

The patient began walking within a few hours after surgery, and within a few days, he was pain-free and capable of performing routine tasks. The postoperative care included physical therapy, antibiotics, and pain medications if required. 

Treatment and Prognosis

  • Revision knee replacement

Physical Examination & Tests

  • Right knee X-ray


Physical Examination & Tests

  • Right knee X-ray

Post-Operative Assessment

  • Revision knee replacement


This is what the patient, Mr. Raghu Nath Panigrahi said after his revision knee replacement, "I am satisfied with the treatment given by Dr. Sandeep Singh. Within a few hours of the surgery, I started walking without any pain, and now I can perform regular activities conveniently."

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