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A Case of Hip Fracture Treated with Hemi Arthroplasty

Details of the Patient

  • Patient's Name: Mrs. Dura Nayak
  • Patient's Age: 40
  • Patient's Gender: female

Symptoms shown by the Patient

  • Left Hip Pain

An Overview of the Case

You wouldn't be able to stand, walk, run, or dance without a completely functional hipbone. As a result, when you have chronic hip pain and specific daily activities become difficult, it can feel as if your entire life is placed on hold. The ball-and-socket hip joint is designed to allow for fluid, repetitive motion, and some wear and tear. When you utilize your hip, a cushion of cartilage protects the hip bone from friction as it travels in its socket. 


The hip joint is not impervious to damage. The cartilage might wear down or be injured as a result of age and use. Hip muscles and tendons might become overworked. During a fall or other injury, the hip bone can be broken. Any of the factors mentioned above can cause hip discomfort.


A variety of factors can cause hip discomfort. Some conditions are more severe than others, which is why you should never self-diagnose and instead get medical help–especially if you have persistent pain that is interfering with your daily activities.


Mrs. Dura Nayak visited Dr. Sandeep Singh, a renowned ortho doctor in Bhubaneshwar. The patient complained of left hip pain for the last eight months. Dr. Sandeep Singh, an experienced orthopedic surgeon in Bhubaneshwar, performed an X-ray. Dr. Sandeep diagnosed the condition as a chronic hip fracture


As the hip was fractured, the doctor suggested hemiarthroplasty for complete hip pain relief. Mrs. Dura Nayak decided to go forward with the hemiarthroplasty surgery. 


After four hours of surgery, she walked comfortably and found complete relief from the hip pain within few weeks. The patient was now considerably more at ease moving around and going about her daily routine.

Medical Tests Performed

  • X-ray

Feedback from the Patient

This is what Mrs Dura Nayak had to say after her surgery: "I am very satisfied with the quality of treatment provided by Dr. Sandeep Singh. Now, I can walk comfortably, and my hip pain is almost gone".

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