Pregnancy and Orthopedic Problems

Pregnancy and Orthopedic Problems : How to manage?

Sandeep Singh
Created on 26th May, 21

Orthopedic problems include pain in joints and muscles. It also includes issues related to bones. This is quite common during pregnancy. Read on to view the full information on this.

Hamstring Injury

Hamstring Injury – What you should know?

Sandeep Singh
Created on 20th May, 21

The hamstring muscles are a set of three muscles. These muscles go from your hips to just below your knee around the back of your leg. These muscles allow you to bend your knee and stretch your leg straight behind the body. Read on to read the full information.

Exercises to reduce knee pain

Seven exercises to reduce knee pain

Sandeep Singh
Created on 12th May, 21

Consult with an orthopedic doctor, before beginning an activity regimen for knee pain to ensure that the workouts are appropriate for you. Read on for more details.

Bone Fracture

What are bone fractures: Types and Treatment in Bhubaneswar

Sandeep Singh
Created on 11th May, 21

A bone fracture is a medical condition where the continuity of the bone is broken. A huge level of bone cracks happen as a result of high power effect or stress. Read on to know the complete details.


Osteoarthritis Of the Knee Joint – What Should You Know?

Sandeep Singh
Created on 4th May, 21

Osteoarthritis of the knee joint is set apart by torment, growing, and solidness and makes climbing steps, strolling, running, and so on, troublesome. If not treated on schedule, osteoarthritis of the knee joint can upset everyday schedules and even lead to inability.

Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain – what you must know

Sandeep Singh
Created on 16th Apr, 21

Shoulder pain is a typical complexity among individuals in Bhubaneswar. Accordingly, looking for a treatment for shoulder torment gets compulsory. Visit our muscular specialist in Bhubaneswar to have quality treatment for your shoulder torment.


Sprains and strains treatment

Sandeep Singh
Created on 2nd Apr, 21

A sprain occurs when a ligament is overstretched, broken, or twisted. A ligament is a tough band of fibrous tissue that binds bones or cartilage together. It is situated around your joints. Sprain commonly occurs in your wrists, ankles, thumbs, and knees are all common sprained areas.

hip arthritis

Signs you might have hip arthritis

Sandeep Singh
Created on 27th Mar, 21

Hip arthritis is a severe complication that can cause mobility issues and discomfort. However, proper treatment before you are too late can reduce the difficulties, leading to a quality life. We have seen many patients in Bhubaneswar who have been suffering from arthritis for a long time, unaware of it.

smartphone hand pain

9 tips for avoiding smartphone hand pain

Sandeep Singh
Created on 25th Mar, 21

For those who hold the phone or type for several hours at a time, constant use of smartphones can cause severe hand pain. Phones have progressed from big rotary phones to handheld computers that we hold for most of the day. On the other hand, the human hand has yet to adapt to fit the device's form.

ACL reconstruction

ACL reconstruction – All you need to know

Sandeep Singh
Created on 15th Mar, 21

ACL reconstruction is surgery to replace a torn anterior cruciate (KROO-she-ate) ligament (ACL) — a major ligament in your knee. ACL injuries most commonly occur during sports that involve sudden stops and changes in direction — such as soccer, football, basketball and volleyball.

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